American Legend Horse Farm
is working in collaboration with Ridgewood Ranch in preserving the rare bloodline of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit.

"Thank you for the important work you do maintaining the Biscuit line."

Col. Michael Howard- Great Grandson of Charles Howard

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08/09/05 20:58:30  ET    QH Product 11Q - Walkers Lil Biscuit-QH      Page 1 of  1  
                                                     Percentage-TB 23
                                       Three Bars-TB 40
                                         ch          Myrtle Dee-TB 23
                         Zippo Pat Bars-QH 64        #Leo-QH 40
                           sor SI 95   Leo Pat-QH 49
                                         sor         Dunny Girl-QH 45
               #Zippo Pine Bar-QH 69                 #Poco Bueno-QH 44
                 sor                   #Poco Pine-QH 54
                                         b           #Pretty Rosalie-QH 43
                         #Dollie Pine-QH 60          #Hobo-QH 40
                           sor         #Hobo Sue-QH 51
                                         b           Home Gal-QH 32
        #Zippididoodah-QH 93                         Three Bars-TB 40
          gr                           Clabber Bar-QH 54
                                         ch SI 100   Peggy N-QH 41
                         #Bars Toe Trouble-QH 65     #Parker's Trouble-QH 49
                           sor         Tip Toe Troubles-QH 61
                                         sor SI 85   Dusty Baby-QH 51
               #Nasty Notions-QH 80                  #Sonny Day Bee-QH 50
                 gr                    #Jimmy Mac Bee-QH 58
                                         dun         #Miss Hackberry-QH 54
                         Gee Tee Jody-QH 69          #Revenue H-QH 48
                           gr          #Revenue Jan-QH 63
                                         ro          #Peppy Jan-QH 60
WALKERS LIL BISCUIT-QH                               #Skipper W-QH 45
  Buckskin Filly                       #Sirlette-QH 52
  Foaled April 29, 2004                  sor         Flamette-QH 36
  in California          #Sir Raleigh-QH 58          #Nick W-QH 46
  X0629688                 pal         #Shirley Nick-QH 51
                                         pal         Joy Ann-QH 44
               #First Class Gold-QH 80               Three Bars-TB 40
                 pal                   #Par Three-QH 62
                                         sor         #Annie Echols-QH 52
                         #Vanity Par-QH 70           #Oak Bar-QH 60
                           ch          #Annie Oak Bar-QH 65
                                         ch          #Poco Parrot-QH 57
        First Class Lacegold-QH 87                   *Princequillo-TB 40
          pal                          Prince John-TB 53
                                         ch          Not Afraid-TB 48
                         Resurgent-TB 65             =Golden Cloud (GB)-TB 41
                           b           *Delightful II-TB 53
                                         b           =Pin Up Girl (IRE)-TB 43
               Lucky Racer-TB 75                     *Windy City II-TB 49
                 b                     Windy Sea-TB 57
                                         ch          Sea Anemone-TB 41
                         Sondra Aileen-TB 65         *King's Abbey-TB 39
                           b           Dark Abb-TB 48
                                         br          Dark Heroine-TB 36

Breeder:  Sandra Hartman (CA)

Inbreeding:  Three Bars-TB: 4S X 5S
                                X 5D

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